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Ice Cube Painting
Fill an ice-cube tray and let partially set so that a popsicle stick will remain standing when placed in the center of each cube. Freeze completely. Sprinkle (I use old spice shakers so the kids can do it themselves) dry tempera paint onto fingerpaint paper. Have the children move their ice cube on the paper over the paint - as it melts, the dry tempera will turn into paint - use several colours of tempera - when dry, these look like watercolour paintings!

Golf Ball Painting Winter Scene
Place a dark blue or black piece of construction paper in the bottom of a 'low' sided cardboard box. Place white paint on the paper and have children tip the box to roll a golf ball around the paper - remove and let dry. Older children can cut and paste construction paper figures/items to add details to their winter picture.

Winter Collage
Supply children with all types of white materials to create a winter wonderland... construction paper, tissue paper, packing peanuts, etc.

Glitter Snowflakes
Have children create a snowflake with glitter glue on wax paper - let dry, then carefully peel from the wax paper. These look very pretty strung up around the room from the ceiling!

Ice Hangers
This is a great way to use up some of those beautiful Christmas cards you have received. Have children choose 2 cards (many are winter scenes) - cut them out in the same shape and place inside parts together so a picture shows on either side. Center the picture in a tin foil pie tin. Place some water in the pan (about 1/2 full). Set outside to freeze - When frozen, bring inside and add a piece of string to create a look and place on the ice so it is at the top. Fill with water and place back outdoors. When set, pop the ice hangers from the pie tin and hang from the trees in the yard.

Ice Hangers
Use coffee filters... fold in half, then in half again, and again. Have the children cut along the edges and down the center. Because the filter is so thin, it is easier to cut into, unlike when you use regular paper.

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Snow Castles
I keep the sand toys for winter play - the children use the shovels and pails to create winter snow castles. I also bring out the big Tonka front end loaders and dump trucks for hauling snow from one area to another.

Snow Painting
Fill squirt containers with food colouring and water and let the children paint the snow.

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