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At The Valentine Shop
Have old valentine cards or cut hearts from construction paper. Place on the floor in the 'store' area.

Down around the corner at the Valentine shop
There were 5 pretty valentines
With hearts on the top
Along came (child's name)
With a penny to pay
He/She bought a valentine
And gave it away. (have them give the card to a friend)


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Mac Tac Hearts
Have children place heart cutouts, pink/red paper pieces etc. to cover an area on the table. When they are happy with the arrangement, give them a heart cut out of mac-tac... remove the backing and press down onto the arranged papers. The items will stick to the mac-tac creating a neat heart.

Heart Flowers
Have the children cut out 4 hearts and glue together point side in. Add a smaller heart to the center of the flower. Tape a pipecleaner stem to the petals and add construction paper leaves.

Stuffed Hearts
Have children paint 2 large hearts cut from a roll of kraft paper. When dry, staple 3/4 away around the heart leaving the top open. Have children scrunch newspaper to fill their heart and then staple closed. Older children may want to add construction paper arms/legs with heart hands/feet and paint a face to create a Heart Buddy!

Stuffed Hearts
Use heart cookie cutters and play clay to make heart shaped necklaces. Poke a hole in the heart with a straw when still wet. Allow to dry, paint and shellac (optional) older children can add beads to either side of the heart to create a more elaborate necklace.
Play Clay Recipe...
1 cup cornstarch
1 - 1lb box of baking soda
1 1/4 cups water
Mix cornstarch and baking soda in a pot. Add water and stir - mixture will be very liquidy. Cook on medium heat until thickened (it will look like mashed potatoes). Place on a pastry board and knead well. store in a damp cloth in a plastic bag. It will keep for several days.

Coffee Filter Hearts
Cut a heart shape from a coffee filter. Fold - let children dip the edges into red food colouring - open and let dry. You can also have them use an eye dropper to place drops on their filter. For tye dye hearts, use several colours of food colouring.

Spray Bottle Hearts
Have children cover a white heart shape with squares of pink and red crepe paper or tissue paper... must be the kind that 'bleeds'. When covered, give them a water spray bottle on mist. Have them wet their heart. When dry, the colours will have bled through onto the white heart to create neat patterns... just lift over a garbage can and all the squares will be tidied up.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Heart Counting Game

Let's Learn About Your Heart

Heart Counting Game

Heart Hunt Math Game
Hide hearts around the room and have children find them. Once they are all found, have the children sit in a circle and count their hearts. Graph how many each child found. Discuss the graph.

Red Table
Have red items at the discovery table for children to explore.

Tinted Sensory Water
Tint water red with food coloring and add red heart sponges.

Dramatic Play

Queen/King of Hearts
In the housekeeping area add red dresses, red shoes, red shirts, decorate the entire area with large hearts. Make a few wands by using hearts made of construction paper and stapling them to cardboard cubes. Add a few heart crowns.

Queen/King of Hearts
In the housekeeping area add red dresses, red shoes, red shirts, decorate the entire area with large hearts. Make a few wands by using hearts made of construction paper and stapling them to cardboard cubes. Add a few heart crowns.

Valentine Post Office
Set up envelopes, heart stickers, stationary, and sets of mailboxes for sorting the mail. Mail bags can be easily made by sewing felt squares together and adding a felt strap. You could make them out of contruction paper, but they wouldn't be as durable.

Outdoor Play

Snow Hearts
If you are lucky enough to have snow for Valentines, fill water bottles with water and red food colouring. Have children spray the snow - the older children can draw hearts in the snow with the sprayer on squirt.

Games and Party Ideas

Valentine Party Games

Valentine’s Day Party

Matching Valentines Game

Musical Hearts
Cut out various hearts and place on the floor. Play music and have the children dance around the room... when the music stops, they sit on a heart. Take away a heart each time and have them share hearts. Another version is to add a concept to the hearts (colour, shape, number, letter) - when the music stops, call out one of the concepts and they must sit on a heart of that colour (or shape etc).

Heart Bean Bag Toss
Cut heart shapes out of a large cardboard box (or cardboard and secure between 2 chairs) - have children toss bean bags through the heart holes. You could even make heart shaped bean bags (or red and pink ones).

Menu Ideas

Conversation Heart Cookies

Linzer Heart Torte

Hershey Valentine Recipes

Valentine Recipes

5 Healthy Valentine Snacks

Valentine's Day Hearts

Linzer Heart Torte

Lollipop Ideas

Valentine Cupcake Toppers

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Barney's Book of Hugs

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Animated Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle 1

Animated Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Animated Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle 3

Animated Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle 4

Valentine Word Drop

Hearts Sudoku

Valentine's Day Rebus

Heart Tic-Tac-Toe