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Shoe Prints
Cover each child's shoe with chalk and have them stamp their footprint onto a piece of paper.

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Sink or Float?

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Dramatic Play

Collect used transfers from your local city bus, create bus tickets, and place a box at the front of the bus for putting tickets in and create a holder for the transfers for the bus driver to hand out. Have a bus driver's hat for the driver to wear and a steering wheel. Set up chairs for the seats on the bus. Create a mural of windows and scenes to place on the wall and set up your bus beside the windows.

Set up a pilot area and seating area. Create passports, boarding passes, and tickets. Set up seats in rows. Provide trays with play foods to be handed out during the flight. Create a mural of windows and sky scenes to place on the wall and set up your plane beside the windows.

Cut a large cardboard box to create a boat that children can go fishing in. Provide fishing poles and fish as well as a bucket to place the fish in. An easy way to make a fishing set is to add heavy string to dowels and tie a circular magnet on the end. Cut fish from coloured felt and add a large paper clip to the fish so they can be caught using the magnetic poles.

Outdoor Play

using your ride-on cars, set up traffic signs for children to follow. If you don't have a play gas station, create one with a cardboard box. You can also create cars with boxes that the children wear using straps so they are the cars.

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