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The Snowman

One day we built a snowman,
We built him out of snow;
You should have seen how fine he was,
All white from top to toe.

We poured some water over him,
To freeze his legs and ears;
And when we went indoors to bed,
We thought he'd last for years.

But, in the night a warmer kind
Of wind began to blow;
And Jack Frost cried and ran away,
And with him went the snow.

When we went out next morning
To bid our friend "Good Day",
There wasn't any snowman there...
He'd melted right away!

Build a Little Snowman (Sung to: I'm a Little Teapot)

Build a little snowman
Starting with his feet
Pack on lots of snow
And make him nice and neat
Then you make a big round ball
And put it up on top
Then the sun will come out
And make your snowman hot
He drips and he drips
And he drips all day
Looking for my snowman
What do I see
Nothing but a puddle
Where he used to be!


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Clay Pot Snowman

Paper Snowman
Provide each child with 3 different sized white circles (older children can cut their own), a black hat, wool, and buttons. Let them put the items together to build their snowman on dark blue or black paper.

Styrofoam Snowman
You need 2 styrofoam balls - one for the head, one for the body. Shave off a bit on two sides of the large ball so the head ball will sit on the body ball and it will stand - shave off one side of the smaller ball. Hot glue together. Children can add twig arms (stick right into the balls), glue on buttons (tacky glue will work or a gluegun), eyes, and use a strip of material for a scarf. Fringe the edges with scissors.

Indoor Snowman
Make snowballs from scrunched up paper and stuff white garbage bags. Tie the bags together and use a marker to add the face and buttons.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Snowmen in May

Snowman Math Activities

Dramatic Play

Snowman Play Center
Have stuffed white balls of different sizes and velcro on the top/bottom of each ball to create indoor snowmen. Add hats and scarves to decorate. Add velcro to the smallest snowball and use felt shapes to create different faces.

Outdoor Play

Give each child a starter ball of snow to roll around the yard to create a snowman with. You can make one large snowman or a set of smaller snowmen.

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