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Rainbow Theme

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Rainbow Craft Projects

Watercolour Rainbows

Rainbow Streamers

Rainbow Mobiles

Cut a large rainbow shape from paper and attach to the wall. Have children cut and paste paper or tissue paper to fill in the rainbow.

Science, Discovery, and Math


Water Rainbow

Outdoor Play

Chalk Rainbows
Have the children draw rainbows with sidewalk chalk. Draw the giant rainbow for the Rainbow Hop game (below) and have the children colour in each section.

Rainbow Hop
Create a giant rainbow on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. Draw circles in each section for children to hop the rainbow.

Menu Ideas

Rainbow Toast

Rainbow Fruit Salad
Create a rainbow on a plate using colourful fruit - grapes, melons, berries, and then create a cloud at each end using mini marshmallows.

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I Can Sing A Rainbow

Paint A Rainbow