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Rain Theme

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Rain Stick
Have children paint a paper towel tube. Let dry. Seal one end - I cover with a circle of cardboard - gluegun in place. And then glue a circle of their choice of construction paper on the bottom and up the sides a bit to make sure it is sealed completely. Add about 1/4 cup rice to the tube. Then seal the top the same way you did the bottom. When tipped back and forth, they will sound like rain falling.

Rain Book
Make a title page... The Rain Helps Things Grow. Staple together several pages for each book and have children draw plant pictures or cut them from magazines to glue into their book.

Splatter Paint Raindrops
Place a large drop sheet on the floor - or better yet, do this outdoors! Place paper down and supply watered down blue paint and brushes. Have children stand and splatter the paint towards their picture to depict raindrops.

Stormy Pictures
Provide shapes for children to create a house and tree on their paper. Provide cottonballs for clouds and rick-rack for lightning. When done, they can add paint raindrops.

Umbrella Colour Collage
Cut a large umbrella shapes out of white paper. Section the umbrella off with a marker and provided different collage materials. Each collage material is a different colour (red tissue paper, green pasta, yellow feathers, etc) and the childrenchoose a collage material for each section of their umbrella. Raindrops
Paint a raindrop shape blue using q-tips. Raining Friends Mobile
Have children paint a cloud grey. Edit photo's of the children in the group in an image program to be circles of their faces (and use the b/w feature to save on ink) that will fit on the main part of the raindrop. Children glue one circle on each raindrop. They punch a hole for each raindrop they are adding to their cloud. Attach using blue wool. Umbrella
Cut the top shape of an umbrella from construction paper and have children use bingo markers or paint dabbers to decorate. When dry, staple a handle from construction paper or use a paper towel tube so the children can really hold their umbrellas up.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Rain Gauge Activity

Testing Rainy Day Fabrics

Dramatic Play

Rainy Day Dress Up
Set out galoshes, rain hats, and raincoats. Create puddles from felt for some rainy day indoor dressup fun.

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Fun In The Rain

Rainy Day Games To Play Outdoors

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Easy Umbrella Cake
Fun treat to wrap up your rain theme! Using your favourite cake recipe, bake one circle cake and the rest of the recipe as mini cupcakes. Cut the circle cake in 1/2 when cooled. Use to create 2 umbrella tops and the mini cupcakes for the handles. Ice with your favourite recipe or canned icing. You can get fancy and pipe the umbrella shape onto the cake and decorate with candies if you wish.

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