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Science, Discovery, and Math

Compass Reading
Using a child sized compass, discuss how the compass always points North and go for a walk and use the compass to follow directions or set up a course and have the children follow your directions... walk 10 steps NORTH (to take them to one of the checkpoints), then walk 20 steps EAST (to another checkpoint) etc.

Sink the Pirate Ship
Add a pirate flag to a toy boat and have the children guess how many pennies (or blocks) it will take to sink the ship. After guessing, sink the ship and see if anyone was close to the correct amount.

Dramatic Play

Pirate Fun
Add bandanas, pirate hats, patches, teasure chest and a cardboard boat for swash buckling fun in the dramatic play area.

Peter Pan Day
Have the children arrive in costumes of their favourite characters from the movie and re-enact parts of the play.

Outdoor Play

Treasure Hunt
Provide a treasure map and have the children follow it to locate a hidden treasure (could be chocolate coins, a special snack to enjoy together, or loot bags for a fun end to a pirate party.

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