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Mother's Day Song Sung to: "You are my sunshine"

I love you mommy
My dearest mommy
You make me happy
When I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you!
When I'm with you I'm always glad!


Mother's Day Crafts

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Garden Rock

Handprint Dishcloth

Handprint Tile

Candy Plant

Child's Shoe Plant holder

Fingerprint Flower Cards

How to make a pop up card

Mother's Day Flowers Card

Mother's Day Butterfly and Poem

Cupcake Flower Vase

Mother's Day Butterfly T-Shirt and Poem
Make the handprint butterfly craft (above), but use fabric paints and stamp onto a t-shirt. Pastel coloured shirts work best. Print the poem with butterfly clipart and wrap for Mom. Siblings just needed one t-shirt; have the youngest do the top of the butterfly wings and the older child do the bottom set.

Mom's Recipes
Have children dictate their favourite recipe that Mom makes and write it on a cute notepad lists and have the children add a magnet to the back for a refridgerator list or leave the magnet off for a desktop notepad.

Key Poem/Gift
Print the poem onto paper and have children decorate the paper

I tried to teach my child with books,
He gave me only puzzled looks.
I tried to teach my child with words,
They passed him by, often unheard.
Bewildered I turned aside,
"How can I teach this child?" I sighed.
Into my hands he put the key,
"Mom" he said, "Come play with me!"

Glue a real key or a cardboard cutout to the page. Frame for Mother's Day.

Tea Poem/Gift
Have children decorate a little container of tea and print one of the poems on card paper then attach with a ribbon.

Here's a gift for Mother's Day.
With you I love to play.
You always do so much for me,
Take time to enjoy a cup of tea.
With love, (child's name).
by me (Ruth)

Here's a gift for Mother's Day
You're the best Mother in every way!
And since you do so much for me,
Relax and enjoy this cup of tea!
by Beth (from Childcare and Beyond Forum)

Mother's Day Kisses
Have children place Hershey Kisses into a scoop... attach netting and some ribbon. You can glue gun on a small sprig of plastic flowers if you wish for decoration then attach the poem with a ribbon.

A spoonful of love
And a couple of wishes,
Hope you enjoy your
Mother's Day kisses!"

Potpourri Sachet
Make little sachets with potpourri, ribbon and lace and attach this cute poem...

This pretty bag of potpourri
Was made for you by little me.
In it there are leaves and flowers
That will smell sweet for many hours.
I helped cut the ribbon and lace,
And tied a bow in a special place.
So keep it somewhere it can stay
To remind you of this Mother's Day!

Science, Discovery, and Math

Mother's Day Math

Dramatic Play

Dress Up Like Mommy
Add shoes, purses, dressup clothes, etc in the dramatic play area for children to dress up like Mom.

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Mother May I?

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