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Kwanzaa's Here Sung to: 3 Blind Mice

I can't wait,
I can't wait
To celebrate,
To celebrate.
We'll gather with friends and family,
We'll eat all the food eventually
Special corn for kids like me,
I can't wait.

Red, green, black
Red, green, black
Let's give a cheer
Kwanzaa's here.
The decorations are quite a sight.
We'll light a candle every night.
The holiday is filled with light.
Kwanzaa's here.


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Kwanzaa Drums
Decorate a coffee can with the colours of Kwanzaa (black, red, and green) using acrylic paints or gluing construction paper strips. When dry, gluegun a piece of felt to the drum so each child care wear it around their neck. Children can use their drums in your Kwanzaa Celebration.

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