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Preschool by Stormie - Winter and Hibernation

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Animals and Hibernation

Bird Feeders
Discuss how some birds stay and that some animals 'nap' during the winter and wake up periodically to eat... have the children create feeders for the animals and place in the backyard.

Frogs Hibernating
Have children make a mud or clay bed in a see-through container. They can then press small plastic frogs into the mud.

If you keep these, you can have the children break the clay/mud and release the frogs in the Spring to use in the water table.

Bear Puppets
Cut a bear shape and have children colour or paint. Attach the puppet to a popsicle stick. Cut a slit in a dixie cup and fit the stick through so the children can have the bears hibernate.

Bear in a Cave
Use felt and a hot glue gun. Cut a bear shape from felt (x2) and place some cotton in the center. Glue gun the 2 pieces together. Have children create a cave on card paper so the bear can fit in the cave. They can decorate their cave area with sticks, twigs, cotton for a bit of snow and whatever else they you/they want to add. When dry, they can use it to create stories and have the bear hibernate for the winter. If you keep them, you can put them on a shelf and have the kids wake their bears in the Spring.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Do Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter?

Dramatic Play

Bear Cave
Set up a cozy den by adding bear ears, blankets, a tent for a cave, etc.

Outdoor Play

Snow Caves
Create caves in the snow for children to pretend to hibernate for the winter.

Games and Party Ideas

Don't Wake the Bear
One child is the bear and is blindfolded and pretends to hibernate for the winter. An object is placed near the 'bear'. Another child is chosen to try and take the object without getting caught.

Menu Ideas

Easy Teddy Bear Cake