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Pumpkin Paper Lanterns
Fold a piece of orange construction paper lengthwise. Cut strips along the fold, but do not cut through. Attach the short sides together and add a green construction paper handle. The kids can add a face to the center before cutting with black magic marker if they wish.

Pumpkin Clickers
Take a baby food jar lid and cover with a circle of orange construction paper. Add a face with black construction paper shapes. Once dry, the lid will make a clicking noise if pressed in the center.

Torn Paper Pumpkins
Have children tear pieces from orange construction paper and glue to cover a small (or large) paper plate. When finished, add a green construction paper stem.

Paper Bag Ghost
Stuff white paper bags with newspaper and tie closed. Add white crepe paper around the tie to hang down. Have children paint eyes and a round mouth to the bag and hang. Plastic Bag Ghost
Stuff enough newspaper into a white plastic bag to make a head. Tie with string or twist tie. Cut the body part of the garbage bag into strips. Use black markers to make a face and then add a string to the top to hang up the ghost. These ghost can be hung outside. Orange and Black Blotto Pictures
Prefold a piece of paper in half and then open fully. Have children pour some black paint onto orange paper. Refold and have the children press to move the paint around. Open and see what was created.

Orange and Black Collage
Fill a divided tray with various orange and black materials for gluing.

Orange and Black Marker Fun
Tape an orange and black marker together - when children draw with these, they will make dual lines in the two colours.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Pumpkin Science

Halloween Sorting
Purchase mini erasers in halloween shapes. Place in the center of a sorting tray. Have children sort the erasers.

Dramatic Play

Halloween Dress Up
Put out pumpkin baskets for trick-or-treating, costumes, and play goodies for putting in their baskets.

Outdoor Play

Pumpkin Patch
Purchase pumpkins on sale and put them out in the yard for children to explore.

Ghosties in the Tree
Have children fill white kitchen garbage bags with leaves. Draw on a face with black permanent marker and hang from the trees in the yard.
You can also purchase plastic ghost and pumpkin bags from the store to fill.

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