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Friends Theme

Perpetual Preschool - Friendship

Preschool Education - Friendship

Step By Step Child Care - Friendship Theme

Fabulous Friendships

Preschool Rainbow - Me, My Family, and Friends

Everything Preschool - Friendship Theme

A to Z Teacher Stuff - Friendship

Teacher Planet - Friendship

Finding Friends

Kinder Korner - Friends


Colouring Page - Friends

Good Friends Award

Circle Time

Friendship Songs and Poems

Make New Friends

We Are All The Same

Hello Friend

Friends - We All Need Friends

Friendship Songs for Kids 1

Friendship Songs for Kids 2

My Friend Show and Tell
Have children bring in a photo of them with a special friend. They can introduce their friend, what they like about them, and what they like doing together.


Friendship Day Crafts

Friendship Crafts

Friendship Gallery

Making Friends Paper Dolls

Friendship Book
Have each child draw a picture of themselves doing something they like to do. Have them write about their picture or dictate the story. Put the pages together to create a 'Book of Friends' to share.

For younger children, have them draw a picture, take a digital photo of the child and print a small copy and have them to glue to the upper right corner of the picture. Create a 'Book of Friends' to share.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Friendship Salad Math Extension

Friends Favourite Things Graphing
Pose a question of the day - favourite foods, pet, activity, etc. and mark the results on a chart. Have the children graph the results.

Outdoor Play

Hug Tag
Play tag with a twist, choose one child to be 'it'. Once tagged, that person becomes 'it'. People can be safe by hugging a friend - they can only hug to a 10 count before having to find someone else to hug to be safe from being tagged.

Games and Party Ideas

Friendship Games for Kids to Play

Menu Ideas

Friendship Salad
Have each child bring in an ingredient to contribute to the making of a friendship salad. Can be either a vegetable or fruit salad. Enjoy for snack, a side with lunch, or dessert.