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Jelly Bean Sort and Graph - Colour

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Easter Songs and Poems

Easter is Really for Jesus

Oh See the Baskets

Oh see the baskets of Easter eggs
Pink and blue, purple too
With chocolate bunnies and jelly beans
I'll share my basket with you!

Little Bunny's Present - A Colour Story

Once upon a time there was a little bunny who wanted to give his Mommy a beautiful egg for Easter. But he couldn't decide what colour to paint it. (set out a white egg shape).

"I know", he said "she really likes the green trees". so he took his plain white egg and painted it green (set out a green egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

While he was thinking he looked up at the big, blue sky. and that gave him an idea.
He decided to paint the egg ________(blue - set out a blue egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

As he hopped around outside he smelled the wonderful smell of ripe, red strawberries. And that gave him an idea.
He decided to paint the egg_______ (red - set out a red egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

Thinking about strawberries made him hungry, so he hopped into the kitchen where his Mommy was chopping up some juicy, carrots. And that gave him an idea.
He decided to paint the egg ______ (orange - set out an orange egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

"Little Bunny", said his Mommy "will you please pick some flowers for me?" And as Little Bunny picked some beautiful purple flowers for his Mommy he had another idea.
He decided to paint the egg ______(purple - set out a purple egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

All of this thinking was making Little Bunny tired. He decided to have a nice little nap under his cozy, yellow blanket - and that gave him an idea.
He decided to paint the egg _______(yellow - set out a yellow egg).
He looked at it.
He stared at it.
He said "hmmm - something's not quite right".

Little Bunny was getting frustrated! A brown egg wouldn't work - his Mommy might think it was a chocolate egg and what do you think she might do? (eat it).
Yes, that's right, she might eat it and get eggshells in her teeth! (set out a brown egg and shake your head).

Just then, who should hop by but the Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny knew just what to do - do you? (set out an Easter egg in a rainbow of colours).


Easter Crafts 1

Easter Crafts 2

Easter Crafts 3

Easter Crafts 4

Easter Crafts 5

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Paper Plate Bunny

Handprint Easter Lillies

Bunny Puppet

Fun Ways to Dye Eggs

Easter Origami

Eggshell People

Nest of Hungry Chicks

Happy Easter Chick & Bunny

Happy Easter Handprint Lamb

Easter Basket Card

Candy Belly Bunny Card

Easter Basket Card

Candy Belly Bunny Card

Egg Art

Egg Prints

Milk Container Basket

Paper Plate Basket

Pinecone Chick

Berry Baskets
Give each child a berry basket - have them weave ribbon in and out of the small squares to decorate.

Bottle Baskets
Cut a 2L pop bottle in half, place the bottle in a center of a square of fabric; pile the fabric into the basket sealing with a dab of glue. glue (or staple) ribbon around the edge of the basket and add fun foam handles. Children can use Easter foam shapes to decorate their handles if they/you wish

Paper Maché Balloon Baskets
Paper maché the bottom half of a balloon, add strips to attach the sides for the handle of the basket, let dry, pop the balloon, wrap paper maché around the handle to make it thicker and round instead of flat, let dry, paint and decorate, add grass.

Construction Paper Basket
Fold the corners up on a piece of construction paper, staple, decorate with stickers, add grass and a construction paper handle.

Wooden Berry Basket
Paint a wooden or cardboard vegetable/berry basket, wrap the handle with crepe paper and add ribbons, bows, flowers, etc., then fill with grass.

Egg Shell Collage
Wash and bleach egg shells. Place in tubs of water and food colouring. When coloured the way you want them, remove with a slotted spoon onto paper towels (or newspaper) and let dry. Crush into pieces and let children use for glueing on an egg shape or for a pastel coloured collage.

Boo Boo Bunny Easter Style
Make Boo Boo Bunny facecloth rabbits with the kids and then place an Easter Creme Egg in each one.

Easter Bonnets
Buy large cardboard bowls or use paper plates. Have children decorate with ribbon, flowers (these can be bought at the dollar store and cut off the stems), etc. When done, punch a hole on either side of the brim part; add a ribbon and wear as an Easter Bonnet.

Mini Baskets
Cut a paper towel tube into 4 sections. Use a glue gun to add a construction paper or felt circle to the bottom. Have children decorate the outside of the tube (paint, colour, stickers, etc) Punch 2 holes near the top and add a pipecleaner handle. Add some tissue paper or Easter grass. Perfect for little treats such as Cadbury Mini Eggs or jelly beans.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Dying Eggs Naturally

Easter Chick Counting

EGG-citing Egg Math

Egg Sound Matching Game
You will need 12 plastic eggs and one empty egg carton along with small items to place in the eggs. Pair up plastic eggs and put identical items in the pairs. Some ideas are popcorn kernals, beads, rice, cotton balls, etc... remember to put the same amount of each item in the pairs. Tape closed. Place in a basket. Have children shake the eggs to find the identical sounds and match them into an egg carton.

Plastic Egg Patterning
Purchase the bright solid coloured plastic Easter eggs. Have children create patterns using the eggs. To make them stand, cut an egg carton bottom into strips to place the eggs in. For more complicated patterns, tape the 2 strips together so the children have 12 spaces to work with.

Dramatic Play

Bunny House
Set up the dramatic play area with Easter/Bunny items. Bunny ear headbands can be found at your local dollar store. Add plastic eggs, baskets, and aprons.

Outdoor Play

Egg Hunt Fun
Hide plastic eggs in the yard and provide pails for the kids to find them. You could have matching pails and eggs for sorting colours. The kids will have fun finding the eggs and then can play their own hide and seek eggs with the materials.

Games and Party Ideas

Egg Roll Game
Create a bullseye in the center of the circle. Pass each child a different coloured plastic egg. If you have a large group, use 2 colours and create teams. Have children roll their egg towards the bullseye to see if they can get it in the center circle. For older children, you can award points to the circles and they can tally it up for a game.

Menu Ideas

Get Creative with Peeps

Macaroon Nests

¼ cup butter
1 cup sugar
½ tsp. vanilla
¼ cup milk
3 tbsp. cocoa
1 cup rolled oats
½ cup flaked coconut

Heat first 4 ingredients on stove at medium heat. Stir until it boils. Take off stove and add rest of the ingredients. Place wax paper in muffin tin, pour in mixture and when cooled a bit, mold to shape of nest in tin. Refrigerate for 2 hours then pop out nest. Sprinkle flaked coconut dyed with green food colouring on top for grass (or melt and tint white chocolate chips and pipe into nests... our choice for grass!) then add 3 Cadbury candy-coated mini eggs to each nest.

Online Activities For Kids

Easter Jigsaws