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Preschool Rainbow - Dinosaur Theme

Preschool Rainbow - Dinosaur Theme


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Dinosaur Eggs
Blow up one balloon per child and cover with paper maché. Let dry. Cut a small hole without the children seeing and remove the balloon and place a dinosaur into the egg. Repair the hole and let dry. Have children paint their eggs. When dry, they can hatch their eggs to reveal the surprise inside :)

We talked about how they thought a dinosaur would hatch their eggs and I sent them home. Fun stories came back about them 'hatching' their eggs and they were very excited to tell me all about what they found inside come Monday morning.

Science, Discovery, and Math

Make a Fossil Cast

Dinosaur Sorting
Have children sort plastic dinosaurs into Herbivore and Carnivore categories.

Dinosaur Counting
Set out dinosaur counters and number flashcards for children to count the correct number of dinosaurs for each numeral card.

Dramatic Play

Prehistoric Times
Set out dinosaur masks, materials to create nests, and caves for the children to romp like the dinosaurs.

Outdoor Play

Dinosaur Egg Hunt 1
Wrap a large watermelon in white paper and go on a dinosaur egg hunt. Enjoy for snack.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt 2
Hide plastic dinosaurs around the playground and have children find them.

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