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Bunny Shape File Folder Game - Colour

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Bunny Size Sequencing - Colour

Bunny Size Sequencing - Black & White

Bunny Alphabet Match Book - Colour

Bunny Alphabet Match Book - Black & White

Emergent Reader - Here is a Bunny

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Rabbit Poems and Songs

Lippity Lop

Lippity lop, lippity lop
Here comes a bunny hippity hop
With ears so tall and tail so small
Hippity, hippity hop
He sits up straight and wriggles his nose
At every sound he hears
Then scampers away as fast as he can
And suddenly disappears
Oh - Lippety lop, lippety lop
Here comes a bunny hippity hop
With ears so tall and tail so small
Hippity, hippity hop.

The Bunny Wiggle

Bunny rabbits wiggle,
So much they make me giggle. *giggle*
They wiggle their ears,
They wiggle their nose,
The tail on their rear,
Wiggles too, I suppose.
And just when I say, "Stop wiggling, stop!"
They wiggle all over, and take a big hop!

I Had a Little Bunny

I had a little bunny,
One day she ran away.
I looked for her by moonlight,
I looked for her by day.
I found her in the meadow
With her babies 1, 2, 3.
So now I have four rabbit pets
To run and jump with me.

Bunny, Bunny

Bunny, white bunny
With ears so tall
And your two pink eyes
And your mouth so small.
Wiggle goes one ear.
Wiggle goes the other.
Hop, hop, hop, hop
Home to your mother!

Hop and Stop

The first little rabbit went hop, hop, hop.
I said to the first rabbit, "Stop, stop, stop!"
The second little rabbit went run, run, run.
I said to the second rabbit, "Fun, fun, fun!"
The third little rabbit went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third rabbit, "Jump, jump, jump!"
The fourth little rabbit went sniff, sniff, snuff.
I said to the fourth rabbit, "That is enough!"
The fifth little rabbit went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth rabbit, "It's time to sleep!"

Little Peter Rabbit (Sung to: John Brown's Baby)

Little Peter Rabbit had a flea upon his ear (x3)
So he flipped it and he flopped it and it flew away.
Little (child's name) Rabbit had a flea upon her toe (x3)
So she flipped it and she flopped it and it flew away.
Continue using every child's name in the group.


Flowerpot Bunny

Styrofoam Cup Bunny /A>

Flowerpot Bunny

Cotton Bunnies Cut a bunny shape from card paper. Have children spread cotton balls and glue onto the shape.

Games and Party Ideas

Bunny Hop
This game would be fun to play at your Easter party. Have a large dice (they sell the really big ones at the dollar store). Each child takes a turn rolling the die in the middle of the circle - they hop the number of times that comes up on the die. Practice in counting to see how many times to hop and the group can clap and count with the 'hopper'.

Menu Ideas

Cottontail Bunny Salad

Rabbit Food
For a snack idea, cut vegetables in strips (gotta have carrots!) and serve with dip.

Online Activities For Kids

The Tale of Peter Rabbit