* make workable clocks using brads
* print #'s on a clock shape
* use clock stamps
* make day and night pictures
* make sun pictures - place construction paper cutouts on black paper, leave out in sun, after a day remove the cutouts and the sun will have faded the paper so you can see their shape
*make Grandfather clocks with swinging pendulums


* Sequence cards depicting times of the day
* Shadows
* Use stop watches to time things and record findings
* Experiment with hour glasses

Block Area

* add # blocks to the area

Dramatic Play

* Put different types of clocks in the house area (alarm, digital, hand)

Circle Time


* Hickory Dickory Dock
* Wee Willie Winkie
* Here we go 'Round the Mulberry Bush
* Oh Mr. Sun


* Goodnight Moon
* Spot tells Time


* What time is it - have pictures of people doing things at different times of the day, have children guess the time (morning, noon, evening, night)

Water & Sand Play

* Add sponge #'s to the water table

Outdoor Play

* What time is it Mr. Wolf?
* Let children experiment with stop watches

Field Trips / Special Days

* Have a sport's day and let children time themselves, keep it non-competitive and have them race against their own scores



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